Welcome to Turtlefin OneAPI Platform - Embed insurance purchase in your regular e-commerce journey.

Turtlefin OneAPI is the platform that delivers on our vision to help you launch your digital insurance experience in 7 days πŸš€

This document describes the API resources available to promote Turtlefin OneAPI Platform insurance products on your own website.

REST Architectural Style

The Turtlefin OneAPI Platform API adheres to the principles of a REST architectural style. It is user-friendly: it is predictive, with logically organized resource-oriented URLs, and it uses HTTP response codes to indicate any errors (explained under the Error section).

Open APIs

The creation of this Platform has been made possible by the technological evolution of Open APIs(Application Programming Interfaces). With the Open API ecosystem, companies have now become capable to expose their services to the outside world, so that external partners can use these services to bring added value to their customers.

Developer Playground

We offers a sandbox environment which we called Developer Playground, that you can use to test the Turtlefin OneAPI Platform API and its integration with the help of plug-and-play code snippets in multiple
programming languages & UI widgets to build workflows.

Open APIs for Insurance


What is the Open APIs for Insurance?

It's a Publicly available Application Programming Interface (API) that provides developers with programmatic access to a proprietary software application like Insurance Products e.g. Bike, Private Car, etc.
Open APIs come with easy to understand documentations πŸ“– & guides that help with integration on any platforms like eCommerce easily & embed your workflow on the partner's site.

Open Insurance is becoming an emerging trend, pushed by increased and changing customer needs and InsurTech competition, facilitating rapid integration (plug-and-play).