UI widgets

OneAPI UI widgets :

To integrate OneAPI [APIs for Insurance distribution] in real-world workflows,

  • We offer ready-made UI widgets to build the workflows like master data searching, generating quotes, creating proposals, etc.
  • These widgets are also plug-and-play so developers can simply copy the widget to the clipboard & use it in their main codebase.
  • These widgets have been created in vanilla javascript so it's compatible with any kind of javascript framework like angular, react, etc.


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Widget Page

  • Click on "Quick Start" to see the list of UI widgets that will be used for creating custom workflows.
  • This widget uses the same OneAPI reference to build the insurance product workflow.
  • It also has a "Demo Site" created with the help of the widgets which developers can refer to for a better understanding of how to use APIs in workflows.

Masters & Quote Widgets

  • Widget accept the Access Token to make sure that all API calls happening are authenticated
  • It has a "Copy widget to clipboard" feature which allows developers to use this as a "Plug-and-Play" into their codebase.


For a detailed walkthrough of workflow integration via widget, refer to the pdf below

OneAPI UI widgets Guide